The Story Who Invented The Umbrella.

Who invented the umbrella? There are many debates among different people, different countries. 
Some people said that the people of ancient Egypt who used umbrellas to protect the rain and the sun as early as 1200 BC. The nobilities asked their slaves to hold parasol umbrellas when walking and traveling. The Romans used an umbrella to prevent them from the rain and the sun in the Middle Ages. In China, there is a ancient legend that Luban's wife who invented the umbrella 1000 BC, the umbrella was also called as "movable pavilion" in ancient China. 

Luban was the most famous craftsman in ancient China. One day, Luban and his wife were walking at the West Lakeside and enjoying the beautiful view of the West Lake. Suddenly the rain occurred very quickly, both they were soaked when back to home. Luban's wife said, if there was something which could prevent people from the rain when walking, and enjoying the beautiful view of West Lake, that would be wonderful. Then Luban said, that was easy, I would build up many pavilions at the West Lakeside every another mile. His wife said, it would a good idea, but it was inconvenient and could not be movable.  
who invented the umbrella
Is it possible to make a movable pavilion, which could always follow the people when walking? She thought all day and all night. One summer day, she saw some kids were playing in the rain, and each kids held a big lotus leaf above the head to protect the rainfall, they were not soaked by the rain. The next day, Luban's wife made the first rain umbrellas in ancient China. 

In England, in the 18th century people began to use an umbrella. The umbrella stand for a woman's attitude towards love. If the woman hold the Umbrella vertically, that means the woman love the man steadfast. If the woman hold the umbrella by left hand, that means the woman don't like the man. If the woman shake the umbrella slowly, that means the woman don't trust the man. If the woman hold the umbrella against the right shoulder, that means the woman hate the man, she do not want to see the man again. 


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