How To Decorate Wedding Umbrellas On Summer Days!
how to decorate wedding umbrellas
How to decorate wedding umbrellas on summer days!
The weather changes frequently on Summer days. Sometime it is just a sunny day with very strong sun rays, but suddenly the rainfall occurs quickly. Many people still prefer to hold the wedding ceremony on summer days, as there are a variety of wedding umbrellas which can add luster for the wedding. Here we would like to introduce some stylish and beautiful umbrellas for wedding on summer day to you. 

a. Colorful umbrellas 
Today many young people have strong own personality and would like to DIY their wedding ceremony. Custom made umbrellas are good choices. They can choose the wedding umbrellas in colorful colors, various shapes, special materials like lace, crystal and custom made the umbrellas from a reliable umbrella manufacturer. It will create a conspicuous characteristic of wedding ceremony.

b. Beautiful vintage umbrellas  
For some people who like vintage motif, retro vintage umbrellas are good choices for the wedding ceremony, such as Battenburg Lace Parasols, traditional Chinese paper umbrellas, etc. A vintage and beautiful wedding ceremony will bring the bride and groom many memories when they become old. It is really memorable to use retro vintage umbrellas for the wedding. 

c. Minimalist and personalized umbrellas
Black umbrella is the most simple and personalized for a rainy wedding ceremony. To choose a common black umbrella and decorate it with red rainshoes, red flowers and colorful balloons, the wedding ceremony will be in a very happy atmosphere. I believe that every guest can also enjoy the happiness in this atmosphere.  
d. Fashion clear umbrellas
Fashion clear umbrellas like clear bubble umbrellas are also good choices, which can weaken the sense of umbrellas. It is the shelter in the rain and also will not prevent the shooting. Clear shades can easily match the wedding colors, and facilitate to create a stylish, minimalist style wedding ceremony. Let us learn to use a variety of shapes umbrellas and create a personalized and creative wedding ceremony.