How To Choose A Quality Beach Umbrella?
how to choose a quality beach umbrella
Beach umbrellas
 have been widely used on the beach, the lakeside and the riverside. Beach umbrellas are not only providing people with a comfortable cool placement, but also protecting people from intense sun rays. Sitting under a beach umbrella, you can have a rest, enjoy a fresh drink or read a magazine. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, the lakeside or the riverside. 

Where to buy a beach umbrella and how to choose a quality beach umbrella?

There are many stores and supermarkets selling beach umbrellas, you can also buy a beach umbrella from an online store, such as eBay, Amazon, etc. Before buying a beach umbrella, you would better check the umbrella fabric, umbrella frame and functions. Here are some tips:

a. Choosing a beach umbrella which is made by reliable umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers, it will last very long due to using durable materials and high-leveled workmanship.   

b. Always trying to buy more than 30 level of sun screen beach umbrellas. This is because 2-11 level of sun screen beach umbrella is not effective for UV protection, but 30 level of sun screen beach umbrellas can protect people from UV effectively.  

c. Buying a lightweight and portable beach umbrella, it will not exceed your luggage space and you can take it to anywhere conveniently.    

d. The major accessory of beach umbrella is the anchor, which can hold the umbrella pole into the beach firmly and prevent the umbrella being blown out by a strong wind. 

e. In the current market there are various colors for beach umbrellas. When buying for one, it is better to choose a light color umbrella instead of dark color one, as the dark umbrella may absorb more heat than the light one.