How Are Umbrellas Made?
Hello Everybody, my name is Sam, the umbrella manufacturing expert from J&H Umbrella Co., Ltd. We are one of the leading umbrella manufacturers in China established in 2002. In this article we would like to introduce how are umbrellas made.
Let us give out a summary of umbrella manufacturing process firstly, artwork and visual image making, fabric dyeing and printing, fabric cutting and printing, canopy sewing, frame production, tip sewing, canopy sewing to frame, umbrella assembly, umbrella inspection, umbrella packing, etc.

a. Artwork and visual image making
This process gives our customers a visual umbrella image reference before the umbrella making. Generally there would be some printing artwork on the umbrella canopies for a designated purpose, such as gift umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, fashion umbrellas or other personalized umbrellas. We would make an artwork and visual image for the umbrella canopy in AI, PSD or CDR format, and the artwork density should be at least 300DPI(Dots Per Inch). If the artwork density is less than 300DPI, the fabric printing coming out would be some fuzzy.
Visual umbrella image

b. Fabric dyeing and printing
There are various umbrella fabric materials for different quality umbrellas and different type umbrellas. Pongee fabric is most popular for small size umbrellas, such as rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas using 170T pongee, 190T pongee, 210T pongee with or without waterproof treatment. If the umbrella is made with full complicated printing, then we would dye the fabric and make the printing on the fabric directly, using heat transfer printing or digital printing. The color fastness is very important during fabric dyeing and printing process. 

c. Fabric cutting and printing
The umbrella fabric would be cut in triangle panels. In the fabric cutting process we should leave some space for seam allowance to make sure the canopy is big enough. If the umbrella is made with simple artwork printing such as logo printing, we would have the artwork printing on the cut panels, instead of printing on the fabric directly.    
Umbrella fabric cutting

d. Umbrella canopy sewing
After we have cut the fabric panels, we would continue to sew umbrella canopy. Umbrellas are mostly made by 8 panels, some other umbrellas are made with 6 panels, 10 panels, 16 panels, 32 panels, etc.  
Umbrella canopy sewing

e. Umbrella frame production
The main accessories of the umbrella frame are the ribs and the shaft. Generally the umbrella ribs can be made with steel, aluminum or fiberglass material. In current market the fiberglass ribs are becoming more and more popular. The fiberglass materials are much more durable and flexible than other material, and surely the cost for fiberglass is higher than other materials. For the umbrella shaft, it can be made with wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass material, etc.   

Umbrella frame production

f. Umbrella tip sewing
The umbrella tips are made with Plastic, Steel, Copper or Nickel materials. Each umbrella rib would be put in a tip to hold the umbrella canopy. The stainless steel tip and the copper tip are two high quality tip options.     
Umbrella tip sewing

g. Sewing to umbrella frame
This process is a security to make sure the canopy could not be fall off from the umbrella frame. Just sew the canopy to the frame ribs with durable thread.  
Sewing to frame

h. Umbrella assembly
Put the umbrella ribs into the tips, and then use gluewater to assemble the umbrella top and the umbrella handle. Before umbrella inspection, we would leave the umbrella for at least 12 hours to make sure the gluewater i
s dry enough.   
Umbrella assembly

i. Bulk umbrella inspection
We would inspect the bulk umbrellas one piece by one piece before releasing them to our customers, so please do not worry about any quality issues for our bulk umbrellas. All the defective umbrellas would be held in our factory and donated to schools finally. As a reliable umbrella manufacturer and umbrella supplier, we stick to manufacturing high quality bulk umbrellas closely. This is also for a long-term business cooperation purpose.  
Umbrella inspection

j. Umbrella packing
Generally we would pack the bulk umbrellas in a individual clear bag or self-fabric bag. To make sure the bulk umbrellas could be still in good condition, we would pack 12 pcs straight umbrellas in a inner box and 3 inner boxes in a master box. For folding umbrellas, we can put more inner box in a mater box. 
Umbrella packing

All these above are summary introduction of umbrella manufacturing process. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to send a email to us directly. One of our staff would contact you and provide our best service within 24 hours.