What Is The Best Golf Umbrella?
what is the best golf umbrella

Golf umbrellas are primarily designed to protect golf players from the rain while on the golf course. The biggest feature of golf umbrellas are the size, normally they are between 60 to 65 inches, which are typically larger than regular umbrellas. Golf umbrellas are providing protection not only for golf players but also for golf equipment. Due to its high quality, nice shape and excellent protection from the rain and sun rays, golf umbrellas become more and more popular in these years, they have been widely used on the golf courses, car-racing tracks, upscale clubs, sports centers, etc.  

If you want to buy a golf umbrella, you can go for a certain sports equipment store, supermarket or buy one from an online store directly. It is high recommended to buy a golf umbrella from online stores so you can have more design options to choose from. 

What is the best golf umbrella? How to choose a quality golf umbrella? It is very important to test the umbrella and read the umbrella description details that has been mentioned in the article.  

Umbrella design and color

Right now various designs and colors of golf umbrellas are available to choose in the market, some stores are even providing custom made umbrellas with design and logos printed on them. You can choose the designs and colors which suits to you personality or the subject of the game.

Umbrella Size

The large size golf umbrella is high recommended to buy, which will provide people a maximum protection from the rain and sun rays, so the golf umbrella size should be 60 inches in diameter at least. The large size golf umbrella will also help to protect more people in the rain.    

Wind resistance

When choosing a quality golf umbrella, it is important to make sure the umbrella has a strong wind resistance feature. Double canopy or other external air slot designs will protect the umbrella from turning inside out when it is strong windy.

Umbrella frame 

It is important to choose a golf umbrella with light weight materials frame, that will help people to maintain his/her position when holding the umbrella in the rainstorm. The umbrella frame with fiberglass material is much better than with other materials. 

Umbrella open

Golf umbrellas have two open styles, automatic open and manual open. The rain occurs very quickly sometimes, especially in Spring or Summer season. A golf umbrella with automatic open will help people to get the umbrella opened in a short time. Besides these, the handle shape is also very important. It will be more comfortable for people to choose an golf umbrella with ergonomic handle when holding.

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