What Is The Best Windproof Umbrella?

The rainy season is coming very soon. It is advisable to prepare a windproof umbrella to protect the rain in the period of strong convective weather in Spring and Summer. In this article let us introduce some functions, classification, purchase and use of the windproof umbrellas.

So what is the best windproof umbrella?

As the name implies, the windproof umbrella is a special umbrella which is the right umbrella to use in the strong wind. They have the characteristics of light weight, large canopy and strong frame.

Classification of windproof umbrellas.
a. According to the different materials of the ancient three and the umbrellas, it could be divided into carbon fiber skeleton umbrella, glass fiber skeleton umbrella and metal skeleton umbrella.

b. According to the different material of the umbrella, it could be divided into rain clot umbrella, plastic umbrella and silk umbrella.

c. According to the structure of the umbrella, it could be divided into three folding umbrellas and long-handled umbrellas.

Windproof Umbrella for Our Clients
Windproof Umbrella

Purchase and Use Cautions.

1. A long handle umbrella or a folding umbrella. The long handle umbrella is simple and durable, and the folding umbrella is easy to carry. The shortcomings of the two are just the opposite. Choosing according to different situations..

2. How to achieve windproof function?  There are two main ways to realize the function of wind: One is to rely on more and stronger bones to accomplish the purpose of wind protection,and this type of umbrella is relatively heavier, and the umbrella is not easy to control when encountering a strong wind; And the other is a double umbrella, somewhat akin to a large umbrella topped with a small umbrella, but among the fresh air gap, the biggest benefit of this type of umbrella is not afraid to “drive”, and it is easier to control when confronting with the wind.

Windproof Mesh System
Windproof Mesh System

3. Straight shank or crooked handle. The personal suggestion chooses the curved handle, more convenient place, can hang up to a lot of place conveniently, and straight handle often has nowhere to put.

4. Compare the workmanship carefully. Carefully check and contrast the strength and quality of workmanship of the umbrella bone, and carefully examine and compare the workmanship of the umbrella bone with the handle of the umbrella and the surface of the umbrella. Choose an umbrella which is with light material, fine workmanship and sufficient materials.

5. A net or a patterned umbrella. This is based on personal preference, but be careful not to take pictures or text advertisements with your products.

6. The bigger, the better for an umbrella? The bigger the umbrella is, the more protective it is, but it also needs to consider the portability problem. It is not convenient for the giant umbrellas of one meter or more to make the bus and subway, which should be chosen according to its own situation.

Golf umbrellas are the biggest categories of windproof umbrellas, they are widely used in the golf courses, the hotels and some diplomatic occasions when it is raining.  
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