Various Mini Umbrella Designs From J&H Umbrella

Many people will always take a mini umbrella with them when going outside, as they are not certain when it would become rainy or sunny, especially in Spring or Summer days. It is inconvenient for people to take a large and heavy umbrella with them for many reasons. For example, if there is no rain for a couple of months in an area, you really no need to take an umbrella all the time. However you do not know when it would be rainy or sunny, even if the weather forecast are always not correct. So it is necessary for people to look for an umbrella, which is convenient to be taken. The mini umbrellas or compact umbrellas are the right options. 
various mini umbrella designs

Mini umbrellas or compact umbrellas are designed for those people looking for a umbrella which is convenient to be taken when going outside. Ideally mini umbrellas should be small enough to be put in your carry bag at least, so it can not be too large definitely. Some mini umbrellas are very small even can be put in your coat pocket or hand bag.  

There are various colors and designs of mini umbrellas in current market. Everyone would be able to choose a right mini umbrella for their ideal choice, which is not only useful for preventing them from rain or sun rays, but also for a fashion or personality purpose. You would figure out which particular design of mini umbrella is the best for you. I
t is also important for you to check the other features, such as water proof fabric, wind proof construction, UV protection canopy, etc. 

Mini umbrellas canopy can not be too small, it should be big enough to protect yourself under the umbrella. Most of mini umbrellas can be folded twice or thrice, some umbrellas even could be folded four or five times. But their canopies are almost in the same size, as people would consider it is big enough to protect themselves. Generally mini umbrellas are made of steel or fiberglass ribs and steel shafts, which is strong enough. Some people would looking for a up-market umbrella which may be made of carbon fiber ribs, which price will be much higher than normal mini umbrellas.


There are different shaft open styles for mini umbrellas, such as manual open umbrellas, Automatic umbrellas, Auto open-close umbrellas, etc. For  the Auto open-close umbrellas, you just need to press one button then the umbrella can be opened or closed automatically. It is very convenient and may much suitable for some old people. It is also important to look into the canopy fabric to see if it is durable, water proof, UV protection umbrella. Most mini umbrellas are made of polyester fabric that is strong, easy to clean and easy to dye or print in various designs. There are various options of mini umbrellas for you to choose when shopping around. You would need to figure out which design is right for you. Firstly, you would need think about the umbrella size that you request. The major difference should be that you choose an umbrella which is small enough to be put in your carry bag or put in your handbag. All it is up to you... 

J&H Umbrella is one of leading umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers in China. We create many designs of mini umbrellas and compact umbrellas for US, EU, Japan and other markets all around the world every year. We sincerely welcome more and more friends around the world to contact us for inquiries and hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you in future.