The Most Powerful Outdoor Umbrella, Roman Umbrella.
Roman umbrella is also named as a 360-degree rotating umbrella, it is the most powerful outdoor patio umbrella, which could be rotated a circle in a horizontal direction, or tilted 90 degrees in the vertical direction. It is the most creative and casual shade way to using Roman umbrella. Roman umbrella is with more labor-saving to control by its handle.
Outdoor Umbrella
Roman umbrella belongs to the side umbrella, and its characteristic is that forward degrees of umbrella surface and  area of it are both big compared with ordinary unilateral umbrella. Also because of this, the overall structure of the Roman umbrella is strong and solid. The skeleton uses aluminum alloy material, the overall design discloses the simple style. The umbrella cloth of the Roman umbrella is made of thick and dense material, and the effect of shading is unparalleled, the umbrella cloth and umbrella ribs are integrated into one body, revealing aggressiveness and luxury temperament.

a. Features of Roman umbrella
User can rotate 360 degrees in a horizontal direction accordingly to the need of shading, and can be stretched to 0-90 degrees in the vertical direction. It is the most creative and casual way to sun-shading method in the market by using a rotating umbrella. The area under umbrella is very widen, and can arrange the desk and chair casually; The direction of the umbrella can be turned freely, and the sunlight can be easily blocked. Compared with other umbrellas, Roman umbrellas have better shading effect. It is easier and more labor-saving to control the rotation and lift by shaking the handle.

b. Appearance
Modeling of Roman umbrella is very unique, have the design of fashionable feeling, the overall appearance structure is beautiful, the line is distinct, can give a person a feast for the eyes.
c. Umbrella Cover
Roman umbrellas cloth is adopting best polyester cloth. Studies have shown that the thick fabric is better in UV radiation performance than thinner ones. In general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose fabrics are poorer in UV effects while polyester fabric is better in waterproof, sun preventing, non-fading, UV protection ability and other characteristics. Umbrella cloth vary in colors such as blackish green, wine red, white, blue, dark. blue, brown, orange, yellow, green and etc. The umbrella has the bright color and pretty active. The umbrella cover can screen print companys logo and other patterns as per buyer require. Printing is vivid and clear. It is a good outdoor advertisement carrier for a company.

d. Umbrella Framework
Roman umbrella framework use high strength aluminum alloy of high quality with good stretching performance, strong wind resistance, hard to break, surface electrostatic spraying, stand up to the sun, it is not easily fade, affect beautiful.

e. Umbrella Stand
Roman umbrella stands chosen is specially big tank base. It is around 15kgs before injection while it will be about 100kgs after water injection. The main body and combining with the design, make it more stable Traditional marble base transportation costs high, easy to be broken, heavy and inconvenient in use. The corners are easy to hurt people.

f. Umbrella Body
Besides common straight rod type of sun umbrella, Roman umbrella uses two folded model, and umbrella body could be rotated 360 degrees in a horizontal position, and can also be rotated 90 degrees in the vertical direction, and hence the name, the design of the precision actuator system, hand or foot pedal rotation, can lift tilting, operating more simple, one person can easily open and hold.

g. Umbrella Style

Roman umbrellas are mainly divided into four types as below:

1. the square roman umbrella with 3 meters side length.

2. Large round roman umbrella with a diameter of 3.5m.

3. A small square roman umbrella with a length of 2.5meters.

4. Small round roman umbrella with a diameter of 3 meters.

Umbrella column unilateral independence, the space under the umbrella is fully utilized, square roman umbrella can order double top style, added a windproof top, air permeability is better, the wind resistance is stronger. 

Due to all the characteristics above, Roman umbrellas are given a better chance to display as market umbrellas. It shines brightly in the hot summer days. J&H Umbrella is a leading umbrella manufacturer and umbrella supplier in China for more than 15 years, which exported large quantity Roman umbrellas to worldwide markets every years. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome to visit our factory!