The Most Popular And Innovative Reverse Umbrella In Recent Years.
Have you ever had a rain-soaked shoe experience? Are you still struggling with a wet umbrella? However, after the advent of new innovative umbrellas, it has solved a lot of troubles for us. Yes, it is reverse umbrella that is popular in recent years.
reverse umbrella
Two and a half thousand years ago, Luban's wife invented the umbrella in the appearance of the pavilion, and in the next two thousand five hundred years, umbrellas have been an indispensable part of people life.
Time flied and years passed, the appearance and function of the umbrella changes greatly. From straight umbrellas to folding umbrellas, from golf umbrellas to beach umbrellas, the family of the umbrella grows bigger with the needs of people life. But in the daily life, the wet umbrella still brings people a lot of inconvenience.
The reverse umbrella can be reversed, the inventor, a 61-year-old British inventor called Jenan Kazim. The opening of the umbrella is opposite to the closed direction, and the reverse umbrella is good for discharging rainwater that accumulate in the umbrella. The umbrella also avoids the embarrassment of the umbrella poking at passersby's head. The inventor says the new design means users could stay dry for a long time once they have their umbrellas in place, and avoid injuries in strong winds.

When the umbrella is put away, it turns the dry the umbrella inside out and you need to push it up, instead of pulling down like a normal umbrella. It doesn't allow the user to get the rain out of the house as soon as they get home, and you don't have to lift it over your head to hold an umbrella. It doesn't poke into the face, and once you get in the car, you can get the umbrella and you don't get the rain. This umbrella will not be blown in by the wind, because the inside of the umbrella has already turned out.
inverted umbrella
The unique feature of the reverse umbrella is its special reverse design, which has three advantages compared with normal umbrellas. It is also the three advantages that make this umbrella looking different as below.

a. The reverse design of the umbrella enables the folding of the outer layer of wet umbrella to fold up when taking the umbrella. And umbrella appearance is a layer of clean cloth after furled, as a result, whether in a crowded subway or bus on rainy days, when your own or another's clothes hit the umbrella, don't have to worry about embarrassing clothes were wet.

b. After gathering, the umbrella will be fastened with the loop of the umbrella, and the rainwater will be tightly wrapped in the inner layer, and will not flow down to the ground. This is a good solution to the problem of the dripping of umbrellas, and no longer need to worry about the embarrassment of the umbrella making board wet.

c. The umbrella adopts self - collecting technology, saving time and effort. There is an open button in the grip of the umbrella, which is different from the ordinary umbrella. The reverse umbrella is used to push the pressure, which is in line with the ergonomics, and it is more labor-saving than the ordinary automatic umbrella. When getting on and off the car, clever automatic design is convenient for you.

Such an innovative reverse umbrella is not only unique in design but also innovative, and can bring convenience to our daily life. When the umbrella meets the innovation, the convenient life opens. In China Umbrella City, including J&H Umbrella, most umbrella manufacturers are producing large quantity reverse umbrellas to umbrellas wholesale suppliers for both foreign and domestic markets every year. Reverse umbrellas are more and more popular in recent years.