Songxia Umbrella Industry In China.
China Umbrella City
Songxia, one of towns in Shangyu City Zhejiang Province, is the largest umbrella production and export base area in China. Currently umbrella is the leading industry of Songxia, which was named as China Umbrella City by China Light Industry Federation in 2005. Accordingly to Songxia Government report, there are more than 1200
 umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers with 40,000 employees in Songxia. The production capacity of umbrella manufacturers in Songxia is around half a billion umbrellas with a product value RMB 8 billion(US$ 1.3 billion) each year, which account for a percentage of 30% of China umbrella markets. The umbrella categories include rain umbrellasgolf umbrellasbeach umbrellasfolding umbrellaspromotional umbrellasmini umbrellaskids umbrellasfashion umbrellasparasol umbrellaspatio umbrellasclear umbrellaswedding umbrellasmarket umbrellas, etc.

Songxia Umbrella Industrial Zone is located north of Shangyu City, southern of Songxia Town, with a convenient transportation, 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou city and 80 kilometers away from Ningbo Port. The Umbrella Industrial Zone covers area of ​​1,800 acres, mainly develops the industrial of umbrella, umbrella fabrics, umbrella accessories, etc. Songxia Umbrella Industrial Zone is also name as "Zhejiang Umbrella Industrial Zone" by Economic and Trade Commission. 

In order to improve the visibility of Songxia umbrella, the local government made a great effort and held the first umbrella festival successfully in October 2003. Due to a series of preferential policies and appropriate support services by local government, Songxia has build up a whole umbrella industry chain, including fabric weaving, fabric dyeing, fabric printing, manufacturing of ribs, poles, ferrules, handles, runners, notches, tips and other accessories. The assembly manufacturers manage the whole processes and deal with their customers to make sure the products would meet customer's requirements. The bulk umbrellas are not only sold in domestic markets but also export to Europe, USA, Canada, South American, Australia, Asia and the other countries all over the world.