New Kids Umbrellas Designs From J&H Umbrella
Generally kids umbrellas are small umbrellas which are designed just for kids using. Most of the kids umbrellas are made with kids-friendly designs on their canopies, such as cartoon pictures, or other animals designs like ducks, tigers, rabbits, frogs, etc. You may find a pair of 3-dimensional long ears on a rabbit design kids umbrellas canopy.
kids umbrellas from J&H Umbrella Co., Ltd

Kids umbrellas are not only functional umbrellas to prevent kids from the rain or the sun, but also standing for kids self-expression. Kids are enjoying to use the umbrellas which are showing their personality either in the rainy day or sunny day. Both the canopies and handles for kids umbrellas are smaller than for regular adults umbrellas, as small size umbrellas are more comfortable for small kids using. Kids can open the small umbrellas independently and hold the small umbrellas for a long time easily. With a wide range of print designs and 3-dimensional designs for selection, kids can find the right umbrellas which meet their unique personality perfectly. 

Girls will certainly like the umbrellas with laces, ruffles on the canopy edges, and some flowers, rabbits printing on the canopy. But boys will like tigers, monkeys, and some cartoon printing designs on the canopy. Kids umbrellas weight are usually less than 0.3kg, which is more lighter than regular umbrellas. 

Most kids are also like kids bubble umbrellas very much. They are made with various colors but with transparent materials, such as PVC, POE, etc. In regard to the prints, flower, animal, cartoon and rainbow designs are very popular among kids. If you are an expert on kids interests, you can easily design many popular umbrella styles for kids using. Some kids like watching Ultraman, then you can design many Ultraman article umbrellas for kids. It is obviously not a major requirement, as the most important concern is the umbrella functionality. 

There are various designs of kids umbrellas in the supermarkets or online stores for your selection. It makes sense to select a umbrella that match your kids personality and interest, or just let your kids select the umbrellas by themselves. You also need to consider the durability and safety features when selecting kids umbrellas, such as handle, frame and tips. J&H Umbrella is one of leading umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers in China. We create more than one hundred kids umbrellas styles every year, such as Kids Dome Umbrellas, Cute Umbrellas for Girls, Kids Rain Umbrellas, etc. Please visit our website for more kids umbrellas designs.