It Is Becoming A Trend To Use Golf Umbrellas.

With the development of umbrella industry, umbrellas have become a daily necessities in the life. When it come to umbrellas, most people they know rain umbrellas, straight umbrellas and folding umbrellas, while few people would know golf umbrellas. In fact, golf umbrellas have been becoming a trend of noble and high quality life now. Whether it is for business, diplomatic occasions or high-end residential villas, golf umbrellas could not be ignored nowadays. Here let us introduce some more about golf umbrellas for your easy understanding.

golf umbrellas

a. What is a golf umbrella? 

Just as its name implies that golf umbrellas were designed for protecting golfers from the rain in the golf course. It is more than a normal umbrella, and its production speciality aim at golf courses. When you play golf in a golf course, it is often windy and rainy. So the golf umbrellas are made with very strong materials, and mostly with two layer canopies, top layer and bottom layer. The wind could be going through while the rain could not. This design would make sure the golf umbrellas are wind-resistant and easy to hold in the strong wind and rain. In addition to the golf courses, golf umbrellas are also used in some senior centres and hotels to greet customers when it is raining.

b. The features of the golf umbrella 

1. Its larger size

The golf umbrella is much larger than a normal umbrella. Generally the golf umbrella rib length is from 27" to 33", while for a normal straight umbrella the rib length is only from 23" to 25", and for folding umbrella the rib length is only from 21" to 23".

2. Its construction

The golf umbrellas are divided into single layer and double layer umbrellas. For double layer golf umbrellas, there are true double layer and fake double layer umbrellas. There are many options for consumers choosing in the markets. 

3. Its umbrella frame

The golf umbrella frames are mostly made with fibreglass or carbon fiber. Toughness is not easy to break them. The strong frame materials would make the golf umbrella price much higher than the normal umbrella.

c. The competitiveness of the golf umbrella
First of all, the materials of the golf umbrella are very exquisite, its fabric is basically chosen from the special fabrics of high grade umbrellas. The umbrella fabrics are finished with waterproof treatment, so the rain would drop easily from the canopy. And the design of double layer umbrella allows the wind to be able to go through between the double layer canopies. The golf umbrella has a very good wind-resistant performance. It would not be blown even in a strong storm. 

Second, the golf umbrellas have a strict quality control at the custom. Therefore, the golf umbrella is also a symbol of high quality. They are often seen in golf clubs, hotels, and business centres. The golf umbrella canopy is large enough to protect two or three people in the rain. It is gradually popular in high-end places because of its elegant appearance and its outstanding effect of protecting people.

Moreover, the golf umbrellas are impeccable for both quality and appearance. Some golf umbrellas have won many certification authorities. Nowadays, people's life quality is improving, there are better pursuits in the selection of household products, and the golf umbrellas meet people needs. It is becoming a trend to use golf umbrellas nowdays. J&H Umbrella is one of professional umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers in China for more than 15 years, which export large quantity of high quality bulk umbrellas to USA, Europe and Japan markets every year.