Innovative Umbrella Design For You | Auto Open Inverted Umbrellas

Believe that the auto open inverted umbrella is familiar to everyone. It uses the design of umbrella in the opposite direction to reduce the space required for umbrella, and ensure that the rain does not splash on the body. This innovative design is called "Changing the umbrella using experience for 3,000 years".

Let's revisit the problem of traditional umbrellas.

First of all, the traditional umbrella needs a large space to close the umbrella, you would get wet before getting on the car. Secondly, the rain drops everywhere, which will also wet the seat cushion in the car. Thirdly, the umbrella ribs are easily blown up during the storm.

Then the design of the reverse umbrella avoids the above problems. Let us look at the advantages of the reverse umbrella.
a. Reduce the space required when close the umbrella, and when fold it up could be placed directly on the ground. When you get on or off the car in the rain, you can open and close the umbrella with small space to reduce the degree of wetness.

b. No dripping: When the umbrella is closed, the outside becomes the inside, then the rain will be directly trapped inside the umbrella, and will not flow along the umbrella, so it can be kept dry.

c. Wind-proof: Double fiberglass ribs structure, very strong frame, using laser perforation to make the umbrella much more wind-proof.

d. Really relase hands: Even if you hold an umbrella with one hand, you could also carry heavy objects and play with your mobile phone.

Now, there a a lot of 23" manual open inverted umbrellas on the market. Here we recommend an upgraded version of 25" auto open inverted umbrella from our company.

Let's talk about the 6 major upgrades of our 25" auto open inverted umbrella comparing with the other 23" umbrellas. 
Upgrade 1. Our umbrella is larger than the other 23" umbrellas.
Upgrade 2. Our umbrella is Auto open, while the other 23" umbrellas are manual open.
Upgrade 3. Our umbrella ribs are much more thicker than the other 23" umbrellas.

Upgrade 4. Our umbrella edge locking is solider than the other 23" umbrellas.

Upgrade 5. Our umbrella seam stitching is 9.5 stitches per inch, better quality than the other 23" umbrellas.

Upgrade 6. Our umbrella has five hand-sewn places, threads do not easy to fall off.

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