How To Make Paper Umbrellas?
Paper umbrellas are originated in China of paper or cloth umbrellas, spread to Asia countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and developed with local characteristics. With the migration of Chinese Hakkas to Taiwan, paper umbrellas have also taken roots in Taiwan. In this article let's introduce some about how to make paper umbrellas.

Paper umbrellas are also the indispensable items on marriage customs as well as daily necessities of protecting the rain and the sun. In traditional Chinese weddings, when the bride marries her sedan chair, the matchmaker would cover the bride with e red paper umbrella to ward off evil.

Paper umbrellas are not only the flowers that bloom in the rainy season, but also for many occasions such as "cocktail umbrellas" in an open-air cocktail ceremony, "Men umbrellas" used only by men, and "snake eyes umbrellas" which people paint the circle in the center of the umbrella picture like eyes, and "dance step umbrellas" which is used during dancing with gorgeous pattern of course. Not only does the multi-process require the work of several employees, but the most important thing is that it has to depend on the weather condition, which is a standard weather business.

Preparing bamboo ribs, paper and wooden materials and etc before paper umbrella making. Each raw material is processed by their respective manual workers. Bamboo material need to be cut into bamboo ribs which should be dyed, and then remove the tiny bifurcation by burning it.

Next is to assemble process of each component, bamboo ribs line on the wooden parts by using rope, components can open and close the skeleton, and then cut paper into the required size, depending on the size of the umbrella, cutting into dozens of pieces of the corresponding size.
paper umbrella making

And then proceed adhesion, usually use the tapioca flour to make the natural adhesive, and glue the different parts of bamboo ribs together with the paper, which presents the basic form of the umbrella. Then dry the adhesive and the umbrella. 
After shipshape folding and forming on the basis of the type and design of the umbrella, the paint would be colored and dried. At this point in the surface of paper and process linseed oil waterproofing, next to a few days to two weeks of natural drying, the process of natural drying, with mechanical work irreplaceable meaning.

inally use silk thread and metal components for final decoration, the production of such a paper umbrella is completed, we just brief the description of the item, but the actual surface is not so simple, from raw materials, materials to make processing are also from wisdom of predecessors in the natural condition.
how to make paper umbrellas

Paper umbrellas will inevitably stick together when they are closed because umbrellas are made of water-resistant oil. Therefore, they should also grasp a few tips. One hand holding the handle at the bottom of the umbrella handle, the other hand holding the ends closed of the umbrella, pushing up gentle and gentle, you can stretch open.

Rain umbrellas are slightly different from parasols and dance umbrellas in the making process, so life expectancy is also not the same. Rain umbrellas are mainly done waterproofing, and the surface of the paper brush with linseed oil. Paper umbrellas would be deteriorated cracking damage after the impact of oil hardening, even so it will retain over 20 years while life expectancy for rain umbrellas will double without oil cross process, relative to parasols and dance umbrellas. J&H Umbrella is a factory based umbrella manufacturer and umbrella supplier in China for more than 15 years. We supply large quantities of bulk umbrellas to Japan, Korea, USA markets every year. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome!