Gift Umbrellas, Best Christmas Gifts For Kids, Friends and Clients
Christmas Day is just around the corner so many people would send different kinds of Christmas gifts to their kids, family, friends and business clients. Gift umbrellas would be one of the best options as Christmas gifts for kids, family, friends, clients and other commercial activities. Here let us talk more about gift umbrellas.

Umbrella, sometimes it stands for protection and love, just like a father or mother to protect and love their children. Gift umbrellas would be best Christmas gifts for kids, it may be printed with "My Daddy Loves Me", "My Mommy Loves Catherine", etc. For the children, their would feel very proud of taking such kinds of gift umbrellas to show to everybody that my daddy and my mommy love me.
Christmas Gifts for Kids

As Christmas gifts to send to business clients or for commercial activities, gift umbrellas become a very important advertising vehicle. Gift umbrellas have a colorful and good visual effect umbrella canopy, it can be printed with whatever advertising words you want, with widely used, durable and low cost advantages. Therefore, 
gift umbrellas become the best option of company promotional items. Many companies would order promotional umbrellas as Christmas gifts to their business clients. Gift umbrellas have many advantages as the following:

a. Good advertising effect, wherever the gift umbrellas go, wherever the advertising go. The gift umbrellas can be widely used everywhere and in all kinds of weather, rainy days and sunny days.

b. Low input cost, the cost of gift umbrellas would be much lower than other advertising vehicles. If order gift bulk umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturer directly, the cost of each unit would be only US$2 ~ US$8.

c. Strong practicality, i
t is a must for a household use to protect people from the rain, the strong sun and the snow. 

d. Long advertising time, quality gift umbrellas are very durable and have a very long lifespan. The umbrellas can be used for several years till its damaged or scrapped.

e. Beautiful appearance, the canopy of gift umbrellas can be made with colorful and exquisite design with company logos or other advertising printing.

Choosing promotional umbrellas for gifts to business clients, it is inexpensive advertising way. The gift umbrellas become a popular gifts for festivals like Christmas, and business meeting, commercial activities, company opening ceremony, etc. The gift umbrella materials should be in very durable and long lifespan. The most popular umbrella canopy fabric is polyester pongee with 170T density, 190T and even 210T. The fabric maybe made with waterproof, dirtproof, oilproof treatment, such as Telfon fabric. The umbrella frames can be made with all fiberglass, including the ribs and shaft, so it would be very durable and never rusting after long time used.

J&H Umbrella is one of professional umbrella manufacturers and umbrella suppliers for more than 15 years. Every year we supply large quantity promotional umbrellas for many multinational FMGG companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Nestlé, etc. We use special printing ink to make the umbrella printing very durable and the printing would not be fading after very long time used. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Our staff would provide the best service and reply you within 24 hours.