Fall/Winter 2017 Ladies Umbrellas Collection From J&H Umbrella
Winter is coming. The weather is getting more and more rainy after September. Every young ladies would need a nice and quality brolly in the cold and rainy days. Recently J&H Umbrella Co., Ltd, a leading umbrella manufacturer in China, have launched its Fall/Winter 2017 high-end fashion umbrellas collection for ladies, here we would like to introduce some lovely fashion umbrellas for this collection to you.

a. Brolly Jassie
This nice brolly is called Jassie. It is designed with double layer canopy, the outer layer is a beautiful digital printing Jassie design, and the inside layer is white logos on the black ground. The umbrella frame is made with strong white fiberglass ribs and Aluminum shaft power painting in gold color. The contrast white color logo and fiberglass ribs on the black ground made the brolly look very high-end and beautiful.
Brolly Jassie

b. Brolly Jazze
This nice brolly is called Jazze. It is designed with four tone small flowers on all over the canopy, red, pink, magenta and violet color. It is suitable for you to take in Fall/Winter windy and rainy days.
Brolly Jazze
Jazze Visual Image

c. Brolly Nicole
This nice brolly is called Nicole. It is designed to be used in the snow season, white, blue, red and navy color tone. White angle stripes canopy, white logo, white fiberglass ribs and white/black stripe leather handle, makes the brolly lovely in snow days.
Brolly Nicole

d. Brolly Vanessa
Brolly Vanessa is designed to be used in the coming early of Spring season. The color tone is for Spring season, green, indigo, blue, etc. When you walk around the trees or grass, it will become a beautiful visual scenery. 
Brolly Vanessa

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