Do You Really Know What Is A Golf Umbrella?
What is a golf umbrella? Originally golf umbrellas are designed for golfers using at a golf course to protect golfers and their bags in the rain. The golf umbrella size is much bigger than a normal umbrella, generally we call the umbrellas for the rib length between 26 inches and 34 inches as golf umbrellas, which is big enough to protect the golfers and their bags. While for normal umbrellas the rib length is only from 21 inches to 25 inches.

Golf umbrellas have many premium quality features, it is big enough to protect people and their luggage, two people or three people, it is very strong and wind resistant, it is waterproof. Currently the golf umbrellas are widely used at the golf courses, the hotels, the clubs, the racing games, the villas, etc.

Generally the materials for golf umbrellas are in very high quality. The frame is made with strong fiberglass, the canopy is made with waterproof 190T Pongee, 210T Pongee, even 240T Pongee fabric. Most of the golf umbrellas are made with double canopy, one small canopy at the top and one big canopy at the bottom. The wind can be go through the gaps between the top and bottom canopy, but the rain can not be going through. The high quality materials and the excellent design can make sure the golf umbrellas would not be easy broken in a strong rain and even in a storm.

Windbrella and Haas-Jordan are two most high-end golf umbrella brands in U.S. markets. Especially for Windbrella, their golf umbrellas have a very fantastic design Patent called Vented Mesh System at the canopy inside. The Vented Mesh System can make sure the wind could be going through while the rain can not. The following pictures are Windbrella Patented Vented Mesh System. (No copy, Patented, Windbrella exclusive). If the pictures have some copyright issues, please contact the Author J&H Umbrella to remove them.

Same as normal umbrellas, golf umbrellas also have straight and folding styles, manual open and auto open styles. What is the biggest difference between normal umbrellas and golf umbrellas, here are some summary:

a. The normal umbrella is made with single canopy, and the umbrella frame is not very strong, it will be easy broken in a storm. But for golf umbrellas, most of them are made with double canopy, so the strong wind can be going through the gaps between the two layer canopy. The golf umbrellas are very strong, wind-resistant, and it would not be broken in a storm. The golf umbrella lifespan is very long.   

b. The golf umbrella is much bigger than the normal umbrella. It is big enough to protect people and their luggage, or protect two and three people in the rain. While for the normal umbrella, it can only protect one people.

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