Design Your Own Umbrella From J&H Umbrella.
For most of people, umbrellas are just used for protecting people in the rain, in the snow or in the strong sun. However at J&H Umbrella Company, umbrellas are not only traditional protecting tools, but also personalized labels for people. Are you interested in creating your own, personalized and unique umbrella? It seems fantastic but J&H Umbrella can do. It can be used as gift umbrellas, wedding umbrellas, etc. Contact us now.
Unique Umbrella for Wedding

For traditional way, making a unique design printing umbrella are very costly. In the early of 2015, J&H Umbrella invested more than CNY2,000,000(equal to US$300,000) to buy a printing machine system, which is used to customized the umbrella design printing. Generally for custom printing umbrellas, if the order quantity is not big, while creating a printing mould is still costly, which is not worthwhile for most of the umbrella manufacturers. Therefore, the traditional manufacturers they always require a minimum order quantity for customized printing umbrellas.
In the mid of 2015, J&H Umbrella received a big unique umbrella order for a large sport games holding in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. There were more than 1,000 athlete photos to be printed on different umbrellas. For the traditional way to make this order, the costing is very high since that the printing design for each umbrella was unique. J&H Umbrella won the unique umbrella project finally.

Till 2017 J&H Umbrella have three printing machine systems, the capacity for unique printing umbrellas are going up to 30,000 pcs per month, which is much lower than the capacity of the regular umbrella 200,000 per month. While the profit margin for the unique umbrella is almost 6 times as the regular umbrellas. Make a unique printing umbrella without the printing mould would save a big mould fee. "Now the sale of unique printing umbrellas covered about 30% of annual sale at J&H Umbrella", Sam Huang said, the sales manager of J&H Umbrella, "I believe the unique printing umbrella business would be going up quickly in the next several years". 

"To become more competitive in the market, we must walk in the front of the umbrella industry, exclusive design, high quality and best service is always our obligation", Sam Huang said. As a leading umbrella manufacturer and umbrella supplier in China, J&H Umbrella have won lots of big umbrella project for both China domestic market and worldwide markets in the past 15 years.