Clear Umbrellas Are Becoming More And More Fashionable.
Clear umbrellas are usually made with clear materials for the canopy, such as POE, PVC, etc. These kinds of umbrellas looks very cool for the feature that user could see through the canopy, then see the rain as it falls and the view out of the canopy. If you would looking for a fashionable and cool umbrella for a rainy day, then a clear umbrella would be the best choice. 
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Clear umbrellas are becoming more and more fashionable because there are many designs created every seasons, different umbrella shapes, colors, print designs. Women like their clear umbrellas printed with fashionable designs, while kids more like their clear umbrellas in cartoon shape and printed with cartoon designs. People normally use their clear umbrellas when walking in the rainy days.  Many people would like to use a clear umbrella, since it is very cool. The people under clear umbrella can see others and others can also see the people under the umbrella. With a clear umbrella, the users could see what happened around themselves, meanwhile enjoying the beautiful view of rain falls on the canopy. 

How to choose a quality clear umbrella? Generally the umbrella canopy will be made in POE material. It is important to check the POE fabric thickness. For a quality clear umbrella, the thickness of the canopy POE fabric should be at least 8 gauge. If it is less than 7 gauge, the canopy will be broken easily. And for the umbrella ribs material, some are made with steel material and some are made with fiberglass material. The fiberglass ribs are much better than the steel ribs since it has a flexible feature which will not be broken. Quality umbrellas are durable and they can be used for a long time while other low quality umbrellas can be only used for a couple of weeks or several days. It is also very important that the clear umbrella size are big enough which can protect the people not only for the head but also the shoulders and body back.
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