Choose The Best Umbrella for Rainy Season.

This year's rainfall seems to be a lot more than in previous years. The Meteorological Bureau reported that the total rainfall for this year is about 20% more than last year. So how do you choose the best umbrella for rainy season?


Everyone knows that when it is raining, it is necessary to use an umbrella, and the purpose of the umbrella is to prevent getting wet. But perhaps many people do not know that the umbrella is also divided into many functions depend on the living environment and people's habits and customs.


The regular stick umbrella is the most common rain umbrellasUsually this kind of umbrella is made of metal and polyester. It is not durable and expensive umbrella. However, if you live in a moderately rainy climate and usually lose your umbrellas, this umbrella is suitable for you.
Stick Umbrellas

If the weather changes frequently. You always like to bring an umbrella with you, then you could consider the folding umbrellas. Folding umbrellas are very compact and can be carried in a handbag.
Folding Umbrellas 

If you live in a place where often under the storm, the large size double canopy golf umbrellas are most suitable for you. This kind of umbrella is made of fiberglass frame and shaft, it is very strong and windproof. The fabric for the golf umbrella always use pongee which is durable and under good quality. It accommodates more than one person under the umbrella, always suitable for 2 ~ 3 people. If you have a family, you can use it with your children to protect them.
Golf Umbrellas
If you want to open the umbrella easily and conveniently, you can choose the automatic umbrellas. Once you push the button, umbrella is opened automatically ,then push the button again umbrella is closed. When you using automatic umbrella, you won't have to worry about how to open the umbrellas when you take a lot of things in your hands.

The last one is the inverted umbrellas. This kind of umbrella is suitable for who always drive car. It reduces the space required when close the umbrella and no dripping. And also it really releases your hands with the C shape umbrella handle. Even if you hold an umbrella with one hand, you can carry heavy objects and play with your mobile phone.

Inverted Umbrellas
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