China Umbrella Industry Analysis.
As a typical labor intensive industry, the umbrella industry had been transited from Germany to Japan in the 1970's, and moved to China Taiwan in the 1980's, and flourished in China Mainland after 1990's. The global umbrella manufacturing center was eventually transited to China Mainland. This process shows that the umbrella industry was always focus on the low cost labor regions.
umbrella manufacturer 
Currently the whole China umbrella industry has more than 3000 umbrella manufacturers and 150,000 employees. According to The China Light Industry Federation and The China Commodity Industry Association report, Songxia Town, Shangyu in Zhejiang Province has been assessed as "China Umbrella City", Dongshi Town, Jinjiang in Fujian Province and Nanyang Town, Xiaoshan in Zhejiang Province has been assessed as "China Umbrella Town".

In 2016, The Umbrella City Songxia Town, Shangyu District, Zhejiang Province, the largest area for the umbrella industry, including J&H Umbrella Co., Ltd, there are more than 1200 wholesale umbrellas suppliers and 40,000 employees in this area, manufacturing rain umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellasbeach umbrellas, patio umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, etc. Umbrella industry accounted for 58% of the total local GDP for this town. There are more than 100 manufacturers which annual sales is exceeded 10 million CNY, and more than 20 manufacturers which annual sales is exceeded 100 million CNY. Dongshi Town, Jinjiang Fujian Province is another one of the largest umbrella production and export bases. It has more than 27,000 employees, and more than 80 manufacturers with an annual sales 10 million, and more than 10 manufacturers with an annual sales 100 million. Nanyang Town, Xiaoshan Zhejiang Province, the umbrella industry accounted 68% of the total local GDP for this town, with a whole annual sales more than 5 billion CNY. The rising umbrella manufacturing areas, have led the local economy and the industrialization of rural progress, creating a good economic and social benefits.
Due to the unparalleled low cost labor resources, the global umbrella manufacturing industry has completed the transition to China Mainland. Europe, United States, Japan and other developed countries has no large scale umbrella production. Based on their brand and design, the original umbrella manufacturers in developed countries retain a small part of the most high end umbrella production, they have become designers, importers and wholesalers. Most of China umbrella manufacturers only do with OEM umbrellas and gain a very slim profit margin, while the developed country's manufacturers can get much more profit margin several times than China manufacturers.
China Taiwan umbrella industry have been developed rapidly in 1980's. In 1987, the whole Taiwan umbrella and related accessories exports up to 12 billion Taiwan dollars, the export volume is more than 120 million umbrellas. In the early 1990's, Taiwan umbrella industry was affected by the rising labor cost. And the umbrella industry start to move to China Mainland Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong Province. The average annual growth rate of umbrella quantity is 8.62%, and the average annual growth rate of export amount is 18.23% to 2016. China umbrella exports amounted to 1.04 billion US dollars, exports reached 882 million pcs umbrellas. The two indicators accounted for 80% of the world's total. There are an average one seventh people in the world who use the "Made in China" umbrella.