Beautifu umbrellas for summer
Summer is coming, in this hot summer, a sun protection umbrella is a must-have item.

So, how to choose a quality sun protection umbrella?

Firstly, need to look at the UPF value. We always check the SPA and PA value to choose sunscreen. And choose a sun protection umbrella, we have to look at the UPF value.

What is the UPF value? It refers to the UV protection index. For example, a sun protection umbrella with a UPF value of 50 means that 1/50 of the ultraviolet light can pass through the umbrella surface directly onto your skin. Therefore, the larger the UPF value, the stronger the sun protection effect. As a parasol, the UPF must be at least 30.

Secondly, to ensure the UPF value, we must choose good fabric. The first choice of course is the coating fabric which can directly block the light source to block UV rays. Now there are mainly black glue, silver glue on the market. In comparison, Black glue is the best, the sun protection factor is high, and it is not easy to fall off like silver glue.

Thirdly, look at the size of the umbrella. In the case of being able to take action, the larger the umbrella surface, the better. Because the ultraviolet light is irradiated from all directions, the larger the area of the umbrella, the better the sun protection effect. But ladies like small and light things, they like to put umbrella in bags, so the first choice for sun protection umbrella is 5-folding mini umbrella.

In addition to sun protection, the quality of the umbrella can not be ignored, let’s look at the frame, In order to be lightweight, the 50% of sun umbrella is generally made by aluminum and fiberglass frame, which is both light and flexible.

In the end, of course, need to choose a pattern that you like.

In order to give everyone an intuitive response, Let's introduce some new 5-folding mini black coating sun protection umbrella.

It uses a nano-scale metal coating and a high-density black vinyl pongee fabric. UPF>50UVA<5%, It blocks 99% of UV rays and protects your skin. Meanwhile, the fabric can quick drying, you don’t need to worry about the water wet floor or your clothes. You can use it even in rainy days.

It uses coated plastic handle, Perfect touch with your hand.

It uses aluminum and fiberglass frame, lightweight and flexible.

Choose JH umbrella company's mini sun umbrella, Let's cool down together for summer.