Chinese Paper Umbrellas History.
Paper Umbrellas are originated from China and have spreaded throughout Asia countires such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Okinawa, Thailand, Laos and other countries. Chinese paper umbrellas are not only preventing people from the sun and the rain, but also indispensable ritual marriage articles on Chinese traditional wedding. When the bride alighting from the wedding sedan-chair, the matchmaker will cover the bride with red paper umbrellas for wedding to preventing from evil. On the traditional Japanese wedding, the bride will be also covered by her red paper umbrella. Old people like using purple umbrella which is the symbol of longevity.
paper umbrellas for wedding
On religious ceremonies, paper umbrellas are often used as shelter stays on the palanquin, it is meaning people sucess and flooding symbol of evil. In some literary stories such as "the White Snake", the White Snake and Xu Xian met at West Lake bridge with red umbrella as the matchmaker, forged eternal romance of the story in ancient China. Romantic classical paper umbrellas are become the symbol of true love.

Traditional chinese paper umbrellas have been using for more than 1,000 years of history. Hand-cut system of bamboo umbrella stand made ​​to brushing lint natural waterproofing tung oil paper umbrellasPaper umbrellas are the most earliest umbrellas in the world, made by hand, derived from natural and they are the ancient Chinese wisdom.

In Spring and Autumn Dynasty, the most famous ancient Chinese craftman Luban always worked outside for long time and got himslef soaked when rainning day. Luban's sister, who invented the umbrella, wanted to make an article to preventing Luban from the raining, she put the bamboo split into thin strips, covered skins on thin strips. It looked like a pavilion when opening and like a stick when closed. After the paper invented by Cailun in Han Dynasty, paper umbrellas with brushing oil are widely used. The literaties will paint poemes on the surface of umbrellas to showing feeling. Paper umbrelas have been improved for many ages, and finally form today's public umbrellas. 
In the early of Tang Dynasty, paper umbrellas spreaded to Japan, Korea. 
The paper umbrella is also called as "Tang Umbrella". Japanese paper umbrellas are often painted in black color for the umbrella handle and ribs, sometimes they are painted in other colors. Umbrellas surface are painted with with Japanese traditional specialties. In the late of Tand Dynasty, paper umbrellas spreaded to other countries of Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos etc, and with combination of local cultures, they have beed formed their owned umbrella styles and names